During the past year Children's Centres have been going through a recommissioning process and Hertfordshire County Council announced One YMCA will be providing a new Family Centre Service across East Hertfordshire as from 1st Oct 2018.

Hertfordshire County Council is fully committed to continued delivery of these highly valued and effective services and has awarded the Family Centre Service contracts for a six year term, allowing the service to develop and deliver services across Hertfordshire that support children, young people and their families to achieve their full potential.

The new Family Centre Service will deliver an accessible, county-wide service to families, delivered as flexibly and locally as possible, allowing families to access services from one place as much as possible. Family Centres in Hertfordshire will be open to all families with children whilst still offering additional support to those in greatest need.

The service will be operational by autumn 2018.

Hertford & Villages Children's Centre Group is based in the East quadrant.

We hope you will find information on a wide range of topics for our three Children's Centres.  Please let us know if you are unable to find what you are looking for.  

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Vision statement

Hertford and Villages Children’s Centres provide a welcoming, caring and accessible environment where all families feel safe and supported. Our non-judgemental approach enables parents and carers to be the best that they can be, so that their children blossom and flourish throughout their early years to become confident, healthy, happy and independent children ready to progress into school.

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Latest What's on Events

Story and Rhyme Time22Jun2018

9:15 am - 10:15 am @ Hertford Selections

This session is especially suited to toddlers and helps to develop their skills for language and social development. Cost is £1.00

Walkers & Talkers22Jun2018

9:30 am - 11:30 am @ Beane Valley Childrens Centre

Lots of activities with emphasis on language, social and physical development. Suitable for children up to their 3rd birthday. Cost is £2.00

Sensory Play for Babies plus Cruisers & Crawlers (6-12mths)22Jun2018

10:45 am - 12:00 pm @ Hertford Selections

Relaxing way to spend time with your baby whilst learning about ways to stimulate your baby's development through all their senses. Cost is £1.00

Saturday Stay and Play23Jun2018

10:00 am - 12:00 pm @ Hertford Selections

A session for Mums and Dads to spend time with their children in a fun environment. Cost is £3.00

Stay and Play with Toy Library25Jun2018

9:15 am - 11:15 am @ Hertford Selections

This session is suitable for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. There will be toys, puzzles and games as well as a snack. The toy library will also be available. Cost is £2.00

Melody Monkeys (for children up to 15 mths old)25Jun2018

10:00 am - 10:45 am @ Beane Valley Children's Centre

Music session with singing, instruments, puppets and more. Suitable for 0 to 15 months old. Cost £3.00 per child.

Melody Monkeys (for children from 15 mths to 5 yrs old)25Jun2018

11:00 am - 11:45 am @ Beane Valley Children's Centre

Music session with singing, instruments, puppets and more. Suitable for 15 months old to 5 years old. Cost £3.00 per child.

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